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Studio update: Sunday 9th January 2022

Picture of pottery
I am attempting 3 and a half pound jugs as I have a friend who would like a slightly larger jug. This is a fair test of my throwing skills as in order to produce a jug with a reasonable weight (not too heavy) you have to get the most of out the clay which means throwing a good tall cylinder and then shaping it successfully.

Here are 3 examples I currently have in process which hopefully will all make it through two firings to the finished stage.

The one in the middle has 3 colours of slip decoration- one being a slip made of natural clay.  These colours will change significantly through the firing process.

The one on the right I heavily trimmed and fluted as it had spare weight after throwing and shaping but I am pleased with the result.

The one on the left also has slip which has been sponged on and some scratched lines to (hopefully) enhance the slip pattern.  The clay is an iron bearing clay which may not be optimal for this type of decoration- we will find out!

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