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Studio update: Sunday 12th December 2021

Description of pottery
I have lately been concentrating on plates. I have a long-standing commission for dinner plates from some friends at work.

They have been kind enough to patiently wait while my skills develop towards the task. I have somewhat mastered bread plates and side plates after a lot of practice, although I have not really refined or elaborated upon a basic shape as yet. However, I have been able to give them character with slip and glazes.

Dinner plates

Aiming for dinner plates with a finished size of 10.5 inches is a whole new challenge. So far I have 3 that have made it through the trimming stage and dried to bone dry. It remains to be seen how they will be perform at the glazing and stoneware firing stage.

Image of pottery

Curved plate

I have also just began trying a different plate style/shape with a higher profile, a slightly curved interior and a more upstanding rim. So far two ‘salad plate’ sized prototypes.


Two-part plate

I have also been attempting to make a bespoke hump mold this week which I hope to use for some plates requested by a good friend. I have been mulling over this project a long time with a few false starts so it would be nice to make some progress.

Description of pottery

A range of work

Finally this week, I was lucky enough to have a visit from a friend and work colleague yesterday. She came to see the studio and tried her hand on the wheel. She did amazingly well and I will be firing her first pot in the next firing. Her visit also gave me an excuse to display some of my current work.

Image of pottery

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