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20 Mug project – part 3

Picture of pottery
The mugs, now with handles and bisque-fired, ready for glazing.

6 mugs will have a green ash glaze with added decoration (as in the attached picture), 5 will have a white glaze with a reactive overlaid glaze and the 4 mugs with scraffito pattern will be transparent glazed.

Picture of finished pottery

The mug on the left shows the intended finish for 6 of the mugs.  It has a green ash glaze (containing copper) which shows a faint speckle over the white clay.  There is also a subtle ‘ladder’ pattern and black glaze flowers overlaid.

On the right are shown two of the mugs to which I applied a black slip and then scratched through (sgraffito).  These will be transparent glazed which should make the  most of the designs.

Picture of pottery

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